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What is Ferocity ?

We are a guild, that means every head counts. Each time one of us becomes stronger, this guild becomes more powerful! 

 So what kind of guild is this?

We do a litle from everything, but its our goal to reach end game content, we dont need to be harcore to reach it, the only diference is, harcore guilds will do it faster, but we sure are persistent, we will raid 2-3 times a week for 3-4 hours.

What do we expect from you?

The same that everyone will offer, loyalty, dedication, be active, polite, work to improve your game, tune your armor, have your potions, food, weapons enchants ready, if you dont have, ask for it, care about your build, know how to play your role, thats all we ask, each time you become better you will allow your guild to reach further more in game. Be proud of yourself and those who use your guild name, help your guildys with anything they need, one day you may be on their shoes. If you want to feel like home, make others feel the same.

Sometimes i like to pug into other people raids and dungeons, is that ok?

Well if you go phew phew for the lolz, that is ok, everyone likes to have fun, but we do prefer you to do stuff inside the guild, why would you go look for people outside when your living inside a room full of them, if you like to be alone in game and put yourself aside from other people, then your in the wrong place and you obviously dont know what the word guild means (Guild=An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards), we do things together here, yeah it works like a marriage thing, except noane will tell you to go wash socks or make dinner. We also dont want closed groups of people that talk secretly to each other and play always with the same mates, yeah its not possible to dung with everyone same time, but, lets try to make it random and not pick people through secret messages, shout in guild who wants to come, first to talk, first to get, also if one team is out and only 3 guys are left that wanted to come, well queue with those 3 get 2 from outside, but do take your fellows with you! The more you play with your guildys the better, because there will be a time that you wont need to look and see what they are doing, you will know how each person play with your eyes closed.

Will i ever get promoted in guild ranks?

Simple answer... No! Uh.. Why? Because we dont have ranks, we work with roles and you are able to pick watever you want, we all are responsible for something, some of us recruit, some are master crafters, some organize events, some help others in specific classes but we all own this guild! None is more important then other, this is a guild!

So if we go raid how will the drop distribution thing go and how can i assure my raid spot?

We roll for it with master looter mode. No there are no priority loots here, its random luck on rolls, havent got the item this time, np, we will farm more untill everyone have. Show for raids on time, its ok if you miss one or two, but if you keep missing you will loose your spot. We will keep our core team the smaller as possible so that no one is out.

Well i really dont wanna raid 2-3 times a week but i would like to go ocasionaly, am i excluded?

Nah, there will be core raiders that cant make to all raids due to life issues, so, there will always be free spots for those who dont like to go so often.

Yeah but you guys have better armor and stuff by now...

Good for you then, as we push you through raids ocasionaly, you are more likely to win a roll since core members already have it.

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